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App Design, Payment


Ribbon: Redefine monetary gifting experiences for young working professionals

As part of my interview process with Google Singapore, I was tasked to design a mobile app that allows people to gift and receive money from friends and families. You can see the complete prompt here

Monetary gifting

Design a mobile app that would allow you to gift and receive money to and from friends and family digitally. For example, one can gift money for Lunar New Year, weddings, Christenings, etc.

For the final deliverable, I designed an interaction demo for young working class to send a monetary gift to his/her friend, and for his/her friend to reply to him/her with a thank you note. My design allowed young working class to pick gift cards that fit the taste and needs of their friends and appropriate to the occasion such as the lunar new year, wedding and Christening. I found in my research that the young working class enjoys picking specific gift cards for their friends to demonstrate that they know each other well. I also designed the sitemaps for other scenarios and edge cases of my design.

Length of the project: 1 week
My Role: User research, User experience design, Visual design, Prototyping
Teammates: Individual exercise
Keywords: Payment, app design




When I received the prompt, the first thing I listed several questions I have about the prompt:

1. What is monetary gifting?

2. Who are the users of this mobile application?

3. Who have they sent monetary gifts to?

4. What monetary gifts have they received recently?

5. What is process for the users to send the monetary gifts and what do they 

6. enjoy about it? How about receiving the monetary gifts?

College student 1.png

young college grad entering work force

“I love picking gifts that I know my friends like. In a way, this act tells me that I know my friends well“

Jack Li
Young professional, soon to get married

“As a young professional, I don’t have a lot of money to pay for everything. Therefore, it is important that I receive monetary support from my families and friends“



1. Young professionals gift money to their families and friends as a gesture of good will, care and love.

2. Other than money, the gestures are also conveyed through picking the appropriate gift packagings for the recipients, and writing a note remind the recipient of the good time they spend together

3. Ones receiving the gift often wants to thank the gift senders in unexpected ways.



1 - Send a monetary gift

In this scenario, users can pick gift cards designed for a variety of occasions. The interactions with the gift cards.

Sender's user flow.png

Feature 2 - Thank the sender for his/her monetary gift

Users can also reply to their gift senders with a customized thank you note as well.


Sketches & Wireframes

Here are some sketches that I drew to help me produce the final mid-fi interface designs



1. Gifting money takes place between people who don't know each other well enough

2. Online monetary gifting takes on a different connotation from an offline monetary gifting

3. Monetary gifting in East is different from the West. It is both important to address the difference.